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Industry wool felt
Oil seals & Felt seals pads
Buffing pad &Polishing Bonnet
Decorate& Felt Colors
Wool felt babs
Felt wheel& disc
Felt Pen Point
Felt strips & Felt canister
Felt wicking
Stickiness felt
Felt sheet
Protector felt pads
Felt painting
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Add:Yejin Street,Xingtai,              Hebei,China
  Nangong Zhongbang Felt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is co-established by Australian Winner Company, Xian Blanket Plant and Nangong Hongye fur chief plant. It is located in Chuiyang industrial area in Nangong City, Hebei Province. Beijing-jiujiang railway is next to the enterprise on its east. On its western side stands National Highway 106. And Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway runs on its south. National Highway 308 from Shijiazhuang to Jinan travels straight outside the gate of the enterprise. Here there are good transportation facilities.
  Based on the original Xi'an blanket plant, by means of introduction to advanced production facilities, techniques and technologies from Germans Berg Company, it has grown into an enterprise with the most powerful production capacity of machinery-made blankets in domestic markets. At present, the enterprise has established three machinery-made blankets production lines. Besides it possesses facilities of good quality, excellent performances, high level of automation, advanced and reasonable techniques and technologies, complete testing means, and sound testing organizations. It also has a complete quality guarantee system.
   The quality of products have reached the standard of State Industry Department,and approved by General Association of Textiles.Our company have three branches:Industrial Felt Branch Factory,Civilian Felt Branch Felt,Felt Products Branch Factory.
   Our main products include eight series, more than 1,000 models of industrial felt,civilian felt,pinprick fiber felt,non-woven fabrics,felt accessories,entertainment felt and so on.
   Industrial felt:112 model,122 model,132 model,332 model,polishing felt,ordnance felt,oil-absorbing felt,prevent cold felt,fine white felt ,semi-fine white felt,semi-rough felt,colored industry felt, lacquered wire felt, electromagnetic wire felt and so on.
   Civilian felt: prevent cold felt,pinprick felt.
   Pinprick fiber felt: prevent cold fiber felt,print fiber felt,tents felt.
   Nonwoven fabrics:woolen fabric(more than 100g)
   Felt products:felt pad(felt seal),felt ring,felt strip,felt cylinder,felt wheel,felt rope,felt ribbon,abnormal felt products.
   Entertainment felt:Painting and drawing felt,piano felt,eraser felt,mahjong felt.
   Warm welcome friends from home and abroad to patronize, guide and cooperate.
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