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1The specific Property of Felt
Most of the felts are made of natural woolothers are mode of other kind of fur. It doesnt change the physical nature. Their main features are as the following:
(1)Rich in elasticity,it can be used as material of quakeproof,seal liner and spring felt.
(2)Because of good property, it is hard to loose and can be cut into parts of different shapes.
(3)Having good wearability, it can be used as material of heat and thermal insulation.
(4)Because it has close weave and small openingand its thickness is not limited as the interweave thingsit can be used as good material of filter.
(5)Having good wearability,it can be used as material of polisling.
2Instructions for selecting Felt
(1)The felts per volume weight g/cm3can be neither too big it will lose springnor too small it will lose wearabilityBoth its thickness and the furs thickness have effect on different properties. The user can select accoriding to your own requirementbut youd better be told the usage of the products in to avoid the production and the usage.
(2)At present there are two kinds of feltspecial grade felt and general felt.They are divided according to the thickness of raw material,size of per volume weight and the difference of colour. Technologydemands are divided according to whether it has strength stretchstretch and capillary action.The user can select it according to his own requiremet. It can be a checking standard when check up.
3Instruction of Felts standards and Type
Raise the serial number according to standard class number and as the same time tell the parameters,such as length,width and thickness,when you order felts.If you need dyeing felts, you can raise colour demands.
(1)The technology of serial number of felts consists of five numbers.The first one indicates colours;the second indicates the classification;the fourth and fifth indicate the density .T stands for the special felts.
<1>T212-32~44 stands for the code name thinnest white felt 0.32g/cm3 to 0.44g/cm3 per volume weight
<2>T112-41 6mm1016mm1016mmstands for thin white special felt,per volume weight is 0.41g/m3thickness is 6mmlength and width are 1016mm separately.
<3>112-41 6mm1016mm1016mm stands for thin white woolen general felt.
(2)When you order felt wheel and felt product parts,you should raise the product number and offer the drawing data of the parts.The deviation of the parts size is allowedit can be raised seperately and solved between both sides.
4About the usage of mixed Fur Felt
General mixed fur feltMost of the felt material are regenerated furThe products are fit for linerheat preservationheat insulation and the price is very low
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