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Our company can produce different kinds of felt and felt products ,its density can be 0.12 g/cm3-0.75 g/cm3,thickness can be 0.5mm-90mm, or according to customersrequest.

ZB-GY01   Industrial Wool Felt
  We are specialized in industrial wool felt and its products,such as wool felt wheel,wool felt pad,wool felt strip,wool felt circle etc.

  Material:100% wool,its density can be 0.12 g/cm3-0.75 g/cm3,
                   thickness can be 0.5mm-90mm, or according to customers' requests.

  Characteristic of Industrial felt:
    ●The material of the felt is from wool.The wool itself is one kind of the biodegradation,
        the non-toxic ecology environmental protection material..
    ●When felt is used in clothes,fashion decoration or be used with other kinds of fittings,
        it won’t occur static electricity
    ●Super flexibility、anti-tearing、compressive resistance、seal、insulation、heat
        preservation、sound insulation.
    ●Good wearability and crisscross is wool’s characteristic,by overlapping makes the
        felt with wool own lamella after the fulling

  Metallurgy,chemical industry,textile industry
    ●heat preservation, heatproof,sound insulation,silencing
    ●fire retardant,insulation
    ●polishing:marble、crystal、glass、jadeware、furniture、stainless steel plate

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