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Our company can produce different kinds of felt and felt products ,its density can be 0.12 g/cm3-0.75 g/cm3,thickness can be 0.5mm-90mm, or according to customersrequest.
ZB-GY01   Industry Felt ZB-GY02   Hard Wool Felt
ZB-GY03   Soft Wool Felt   ZB-GY04   Suction Oil Felt
ZB-GY05 100% Wool Felt ZB-GY06    Felt Polishing Wheels
ZB-GY07 Australasian Wool Felt ZB-GY08 Wool Felt cylinder
Mainly uses in each kind of machinery, mechanical and electrical,chemical,the electronic
electric appliance, the power tool,the electric wire electric cable ,the instrument measuring appliance,the partial war industries machinery,the packing transport machinery,the
printing equipment,the clothing tailoring equipment,the domestic electric appliances,lightly spins,the energy electric power,the numerical control equipmeng,the drugs manufacture equipment,the tobacco equipment,the building machinery and metallurgy smelting,the magnetic material,the locomotive manufacture,the ships service and so on the essential spot seal and the liner function.

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